Greater Cincinnati Riichi Mahjong is proud to announce our upcoming tournament located in Wilder Kentucky.



Jolly Events, Wilder Kenucky

Jolly Events is an all purpose event space with a connected kitchenette area. It is located just ten minutes away from downtown Cincinnati in the lovely Wilder Kentucky.


We were, unfortunately, unable to secure a high enough attendance in time to get a group hotel rate for our attendees. However, please feel free to follow the link above for a general listing of hotels in the area. All listings are for 4 adults, 1 room, and can be adjusted as needed.


This tournament will follow WRC Ruleset and guidelines as outlined by the North American Riichi Mahjong Association. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Headphones or sunglasses may not be worn at the table.

  • Usage of phones, smartwatches, and other similar electronic devices are not permitted once a game has started until the conclusion of the game.

  • Smoking and tobacco products in any form are not allowed at the table.

  • Tiles must be clean and unmarked. New tiles should be used if possible.

  • Playing surface must be clean and have sufficient space for the tiles. Mahjong mats should be used if possible.

  • Electronic devices are not allowed at the table.

  • In addition to the fouls and etiquette as stated in the WRC rules, competitors should make a good faith effort to play fairly, which includes but is not limited to:

    • They may not comment on other players’ hands during play.

    • They should not engage in unnecessary table talk.

    • They may not look at hidden information that hasn’t been made available to them, such as the tiles in the wall after a hand is complete.

    • They must meet basic hygiene and politeness standards.

  • The tournament will run a total of six hanchans for the qualifiers. Each hanchan will last 75 minutes with a final hand played when time is called.​

  • A standard Uma of 15/5/-5/-15 will be applied. Players will start each hanchan with 30,000 points and will be expected to repay the same.

  • There are no bankruptcies. In the event a player's score would go negative, a judge should be notified so that a loan can be issued and noted on the score card. 

  • There are no abortive draws. A single exception will be made for chombo. In the event of a chombo, the current hand will end immediately. If there is still time on the clock, the hand will be restarted, and a penalty of -20 points will be applied to the offender's total tournament score. There will be no "reverse mangan" point payments. 

  • After the qualifying round, the top four competitors will have their scores reset and play two final hanchans.


These are the current prizes as donated by our generous sponsor, Riichi Mahjong Central

  • One Yellow Mountain Imports Japanese tile set, yellow back.

  • One

    Honda Kasei Sea

     tile set

  • One standard Mahjong play mat


This is tentative, and subject to change as needed


  • Setup - 08:00-08:30

  • Registration/Check-in - 08:30-09:00

  • Hanchan 1 - 09:00-10:20

    • Break - 10:20-10:30

  • Hanchan 2 - 10:30-11:50

    • Lunch - 11:50-13:00

  • Hanchan 3 - 13:00-14:20

    • Break - 14:20-14:30

  • Hanchan 4 - 14:30-15:50

    • Break - 15:50-16:00

  • Hanchan 5 - 16:00-17:20

End of Day One


Setup - 13:00-13:30

  • Hanchan 6 - 13:30-14:50

    • Break - 14:50-15:00​

  • Finals:H1 - 15:00-16:20

    • Break - 16:20-16:30

  • Finals:H2 - 16:30-17:50

  • Awards - 17:50-18:00

End of Open


Our Online Pre-Registration Has Ended

If you would still like to attend, feel free to follow the link and fill out the registration form, but make sure you send an email to telling us you've filled a form and would like to attend. We will discuss attendance and payment options via email at that time. We will not accept any additional registrants after 13 Feb 2020.

Greater Cincinnati Riichi Open
Feb 15, 9:00 AM EST – Feb 16, 7:00 PM EST
Jolly Events,
101 Beacon Dr, Wilder, KY 41076, USA


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